Nov 18, 2022 • 3M

Dogs, Punk Rock, and Crime Fiction

Eric Beetner on his days fronting the L.A. band Go! Dog! Go!

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Keith R. Higgons
Keith R. Higgons hosts an abbreviated, three-minute version of the Abandoned Album podcast. Well, micro-podcast. Delivered once weekly... there may be some other things thrown in here and there.

The general belief is that many punk musicians don't know what they’re doing. And there are plenty of those… just as in every other genre. But the best punk bands thoroughly understand the shoulders on which they stand.

To be a good artist in any arena, having that kind of historical context is important. We can look at a Jackson Pollack painting and think: “Big deal, he drizzled paint on a canvas.” Well, yes, he did; however, to create something new you have to be able to deconstruct the classics.

Eric Beetner, and Go! Dog! Go! have a pretty good read on the classics.

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