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Episode 502 - Marvin Etzioni

Talks Lone Justice, producing, songwriting, and a whole lot more!

I’ve been a fan of Marvin’s work for a long time, and booking him has been at the top of my list since I began this project. So, when he agreed to step into Thunderlove Studio to talk with Geoff and me, I was pretty happy - to say the least.

You may not recognize Marvin’s name in keeping with tradition, but you undoubtedly know his work. Ever heard of the following artists:

  • Counting Crows

  • Toad the Wet Sprocket

  • Judy Collins

  • Lucinda Williams

… and on and on.

To try and get folks to stop saying: “I don’t know what a podcast is” or “I don’t know how to access it,” I am including a video of the podcast at the top here.

Just hit play.

We also have a YouTube channel, another place to listen to the podcast and subscribe by clicking HERE.

Where was I? Ah, yes… Marvin Etzioni. Man, did we have a great time chatting with him. So good we had to record it over two days. The man has done a lot, and Geoff and I were happy to listen.

Of course, this made the editing a bit more time-consuming. And, if I’m honest, harder because we wanted to include everything. You have to make some hard calls editing, but we did. As a result, we’ve got a super cool interview with Marvin that covers the entirety of his career. Well, a lot of it, anyway.

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