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Majordomo Charles Cardello stops by for a chat

Bifocal Media majordomo Charles Cardello stops by for a chat about three of my favorite things, art, t-shirts, and music. We also dive into the 10 song playlist he made for the show.

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My goal with Mix n’ Match is to provide an avenue for those of us who are part of the music loving tribe to share our music stories. You know, the kind of people who would spend the night in a Sears parking lot in a Ford Pinto station wagon to be the first in line to get Van Halen tickets when Ticketmaster opened (that’d be me)… or the fans who wouldn’t bat an eye if the closest they could see their favorite band was playing three hours away, on a school night (also me)… or the folks who would queue up at 11pm for the midnight album releases (yep, me).

Which is to say, our tribe may not be your run of the mill music fan.

This episode with Charles Cardello fits so nicely into the tribe. He’s done an awful lot, and continues to do an awful lot. You’re gonna want to hear his story, but even more than that, you’re gonna wanna stick around for his playlist. Of the ten songs he selected, I think I knew two and had heard of only half the bands.

And I left our conversation as a fan of all the bands, but two in particular really grabbed me.

But which two?

You can listen to our chat above or on any of the usual podcast platforms.

Thank you so much!


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Abandoned Albums
Mix n' Match - An Abandoned Albums Podcast
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