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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

One For Sorrow, Two For Joy - Abandoned Albums Episode 709

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or have a more misanthropic point of view, it can’t be denied. Believe me, friends; I’ve tried.

So when I discovered that it fell on a Wednesday this year, I had mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I could ignore it, as I usually would, and release a regular episode of Abandoned Albums, OR I could embrace it and do something different. Going against type, I went with the latter.

However, I didn’t know what an Abandoned Albums Valentine’s Day Special might sound like.

Artwork by Allison Moorer

I bounced around a few ideas and then received the art I had purchased from

- an artist in the truest sense of the word. Much to my surprise and delight, she included this red heart (check out Allison’s work). This red heart gave me an idea.

Ain’t it strange what can prompt inspiration… I’m so glad when it happens.

I threw a post on the socials asking for “love” (or love-adjacent) songs that may have been misinterpreted or forgotten. I determined I would provide a vast berth in interpreting “love.”

“Every Breath You Take” by The Police, or anything by GG Allin, was not welcome.

I have nothing against “Every Breath You Take,” but it is one of my least favorite songs in The Police oeuvre. And if I have to listen to one more person natter on about how it’s one of the creepiest songs in pop music and not a love song, I may have an aneurysm.

And I hate GG Allin.

Between guests, fellow podcasters, and social media replies, I received the suggestions that I needed to create something on brand. So, that’s what I did. I hope you like it.

Let’s be happy St. Patrick’s Day isn’t on a Wednesday… I don’t think anyone would benefit from 45-60 additional minutes of Irish drinking songs.

Thank you to everyone who dropped a note and contributed.

FUN FACT: My favorite part of February 14th is February 15th, when all the candy goes on sale. Put another way:

“Well, if tonight belongs to you, tomorrow’s mine.” #IYKYK

Abandoned Albums will return next week with my conversation with writer Joel Selvin. We discuss his new book, Drums & Demons: The Tragic Journey of Jim Gordon (out February 27th). If I told you that Jim Gordon’s footprint is on a lot, and I mean A LOT, of what we call “classic rock,” it wouldn’t be an understatement. And it’s not just rock; it’s every genre.

Jim Gordon is the guy Ringo Starr called the “greatest rock and roll drummer.”

I’ve been fascinated by Jim Gordon for years since I read Barry Rehfeld’s article in Rolling Stone from 1985. Gordon’s story is Shakespearean in every way. The truth is that it may out Shakespeare, Shakespeare.

I’ve read a few of Joel’s books and can think of no one better to tell Jim Gordon’s story; and it’s a story I feel that matters a great deal. For many different reasons, I look forward to sharing my chat with Joel.

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