Abandoned Albums
Mix n' Match - An Abandoned Albums Podcast
Long Live Rock... and Reading!

Long Live Rock... and Reading!

Eric Senich stopped by to chat classic rock and his podcast Booked on Rock.

Former FM radio DJ, and current podcaster, Eric Senich left an enduring legacy in the realm of broadcasting in his home state of Connecticut. He has now turned his attention to books - about music - and with Booked on Rock, podcasting.

Known for his magnetic presence on airwaves, Senich's voice was a staple through the 1990’s into the early aughts in the nutmeg state. His knack for seamlessly blending the old with the new made him one of the more popular disc jockey’s on classic rock radio.

Transitioning to podcasting, he continued to shine. With the Booked on Rock Podcast, he partners with authors, and continues to offer listeners an intimate glimpse into the stories behind the music they, and he, loves. Senich's dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with his audience makes him a beloved figure in the industry… and fun guy to talk to. Of this, we can confirm.

Eric’s passion for music, coupled with his engaging personality, endears him to fans worldwide now. Not only with his wildly popular podcast, but also with his contributions and editorial prowess on VHND (the Van Halen News Desk, the ONLY up to date source for VH info).

Eric Senich has solidified his place as a respected voice in the music community.

While he may have moved on from his DJ’ing, for reasons far too obvious to even mention, Eric continues to inspire people with his love for music and his unwavering dedication to sharing its stories.

When you listen to Eric Senich’s Booked on Rock Podcast, his enthusiasm for the subject does not go unnoticed.

PLEASE NOTE: Strap yourself in, Eric’s got songs by Rush, The Grateful Dead, Genesis, and Peter Frampton (yep, that one).


Abandoned Albums
Mix n' Match - An Abandoned Albums Podcast
A Basquiat-like sonic experience celebrating the congruent in the seemingly incongruent.