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Screaming Into the Void

Screaming Into the Void

Rob Nesbitt of The Suitesixteen addresses the pure power of music.

In the spirit of transparency, Rob will be a guest on an upcoming episode of Abandoned Albums when we discuss his brilliant album, The Suitesixteen’s, Mine Would Be the Sun. More on that in few weeks.

Meanwhile, back at Thunderlove Manor…

I got connected to Rob by

, who suggested we chat. As Mr. Lauden is want to say: “Cool people should know cool people.” I’m not so sure about me, but Rob and Steve are cool a.f..

In speaking with Rob I heard not just his passion and love for music, but also a deep understanding and admiration about its power.

“Music raised me.”

Rob and I are of the same generation, as are more than one or two of you reading this right now I suspect. And we were “latchkey kids,” so I get it. In my case, Keith Richards and Robert Plant may not have been the best babysitters.

What you hear with Rob’s ten songs is a wide selection of tunes that trace the maturation of the music fan. Originating with The Beatles the list cycles through classic rock, to punk, to some New Romantic fare and finally to Mega City Four.

“It is the pinnacle moment in pop music production.”
- Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”

You might think that sounds a bit hyperbolic, but after you listen to Rob discuss exactly what he means, you’ll have a much better understanding as to why that song is as awesome as it is. I’ve always thought it was pretty dern good and now I know why… well, a few more reasons why.

Speaking with Rob is almost like getting a Master Class in rock and roll… he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. We’re gonna go ahead and leave the microphone one for him.

Rob’s episode on Abandoned Albums will air in a few weeks, in the meantime, we hope you enjoy our discussion with Rob and his Mix n’ Match Playlist.

And check out Mine Would Be the Sun - it’s epic in all the best ways.

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