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White Collar Assassin

White Collar Assassin

This week, it's my Abandoned Albums co-host Geoff Calhoun in the hot seat.

By day, Geoff Calhoun is a white collar assassin. His mission? To slay software developers in an epic Sisyphean battle to launch a new software platform for a giant media company.

I met Geoff when we were contracting at the same giant media company and we immediately bonded over music. On the Venn Diagram of musical tastes, there was enough overlap to make for good chemistry.

Now to describe what we did day-to-day at this media company would be like showing a card trick to a dog. It’s terribly arcane and I bore myself even thinking about it.

As a fellow music fan, almost immediately Geoff had some suggestions for Abandoned Albums, which were welcomed. At his prompting, I reached out to Matt Mahaffey, and Matt said yes. It seemed only natural to invite Geoff in on the conversation.

Luckily enough, it seemed that our natural chemistry translated to the podcast, too.

Now, in addition to slaying software developers, with his band Blip, he’s also a musician… as well as being a husband and father… and probably some other stuff I don’t know about (however, almost certainly not entailing assassinations… and presumably legal).

Having Geoff stop by Thunderlove Studio to share ten (ok, eleven) songs that helped shape and foster his love of music was a treat and allowed us to have a different type of conversation.

Some of the songs you may know.
Some of the songs you may not know.

“Minds are like parachutes - they only work when they’re open.”


Abandoned Albums
Mix n' Match - An Abandoned Albums Podcast
A Basquiat-like sonic experience celebrating the congruent in the seemingly incongruent.