Abandoned Albums
Mix n' Match - An Abandoned Albums Podcast
Gotta Get Back in Time

Gotta Get Back in Time

Steve Epley of the Music Rewind Podcast

This week, Steve Epley of the Music Rewind Podcast takes the hot seat. His podcast is a vibrant forum where fans, musicians, and industry experts converge to unpack their beloved music albums. 

You would find it hard to mix The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Steven Sondheim, and Queen so seamlessly - Steve doesn’t.

If you think one of those is an outlier, you’re not wrong; yet, it all works.

Music Rewind Podcast

Steve is a proud Midwesterner who relishes his unique upbringing that allowed him to dissect his favorite albums in a garage, a youthful venture with friends fueled by a mere thimbleful of life experience… and maybe a touch of beer.

His diverse passions stretch from the rock anthems of Buffalo Springfield to the grand stages of Broadway musicals, a testament to the broad spectrum of his musical affections.

As a father, he's equally proud of his son, Reed Epley, who is currently dazzling audiences with the national touring company of the legendary "Peter Pan."

Much like his Music Rewind Podcast, The Mix n' Match Podcast epitomizes the essence of being a music lover: exploring our musical preferences and the songs and artists that have shaped us as fans.

After speaking with Steve, it's clear that having an eclectic taste isn't just possible; it's a gateway to richer musical explorations.

In case you were wondering, we moved the release of this podcast to Tuesday. Each week, right here, you’ll get fresh content on Tuesday (Mix n’ Match Podcast), Wednesday (Abandoned Albums Podcast), and Thursday (3-2-1; Three Songs, Two Albums, One Question) - the trifecta!


Abandoned Albums
Mix n' Match - An Abandoned Albums Podcast
A Basquiat-like sonic experience celebrating the congruent in the seemingly incongruent.