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I go through periods of “I’m okay with this stuff” to “F’it, I’m done with this stuff.”

Iran Crushes Civil Unrest — and works its way up to America’s #3 adversary.

A Look Back: Manic Street Preachers — The Holy Bible (1994)

“the efficacy of psychedelics in treating mental illnesses is still unclear.”

Therein lies the problem…

I’ve been to three ex’s weddings.

A Look Back: The Stone Roses — The Stone Roses (1989)

A Different Kind of End Game — Amazon Shoots for Infinity & Beyond

Infinity and Beyond — Amazon Goes Beyond World Domination

Well, thank you, thank you. Kinda makes a guy smile when he gets on a hot list. Thank you!

Full Disclosure: To Have or Not Have

The Bell Tolls for Thee

Tariffs Part 3: The Wrath of Donald

The Whitest Candidate U’ Know

Review: The Two Fyre Festival Documentaries on Hulu and Netflix

Trip of Compassion

Ending the “End of Endless Wars” Rhetoric is as Likely as an Actual End

Can We Move Past the Archaic Dating Dogmas?

A Look Back: The Black Crowes — Shake Your Money Maker (1990)

At least for me, I’ve learned over the past few years to actually ask “do you just want me to…

The State of the Union? Swampy and Loads of Sludge.

Review: Echo in the Canyon on Netflix

Good stuff.

Donald Trump Didn’t Drain the Swamp — He Turned It Into Sludge.

Well said. Cheers!

On the Road Again — Louis CK

Interesting perspective.

Good stuff.

Review: Sorry For Your Loss on Facebook Watch (season 1)

My Attempt at 25 Objective Things to Consider About President Trump

A Look Back: BoDeans — Outside Looking In (1987)

New Zealand — 2019 — Part 1

Bobby Kennedy Is A Voice That’s Still Relevant

Jim Gordon: A Songwriter & Sick Drummer — Seriously.

The Terminal Illness Cure.

Thank you.

The Forgotten Drummer Story


When Your Policy is Your ATM

To Reply All Is To Fail Humanity

Great read! Thanks!

Review: The Laundromat on Netflix

Good on you…I can’t.

Yesterday a Bartender — Today a Mixologist.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

All the Awful Videos on the Internet

Not Giving a Rat’s Ass and Being Horrible

I understand all too well.

Great review. I absolutely loved this series.

Hey Rodney, good stuff here. How does one submit a piece for consideration? Thanks much! Keith

Interesting take on these songs.

A Look Back: Van Halen — Van Halen (1978)

The Death Spiral of a Democrat

It Ain’t Over ’til the Fat Lady Sings

Tattoo You: The Normalization of the Rogue

Thank you.

The Bell Tolls for Thee Joe Biden

In second grade, we were able to bring in a record album to play for the class.

Well said. Thank you.

Is It High Noon for Elizabeth Warren & Wall Street?

Thanks for this tip and for Press.

I was talking with a young guy a few weeks ago who is starting up a “newsy” sort of web site.

Why I Won’t Write About Writing

Good read. I could prattle endlessly about this, but suffice it to say, I agree.

I wonder how “More Than Words” would fare in the #metoo environment.

Name — Kerfuffle

Shhh…Don’t Tell A Soul

I don’t have children and I don’t particularly want them, but that is not the reason for the note.

I’m a guy and I don’t understand that.

Hi. Man, did I resist bi-focals.

Hey, you never know…he may have a cousin in (insert small country here) who is some kind of…

Good stuff Enrico! Thank you for this.

Hi, thanks for reading and taking the time to drop a note.

That’s it — I’m Completely Over Dating Apps.

HA! Love this.

Oh man, I LITERALLY just finished a post ten minutes ago recommending this podcast.

The gut knows…but then, quoting “High Fidelity” here, sometimes the “gut has sh*t for brains”.

Thank you for this.


11 Podcasts Worth Your Time

Great read! And here I thought it was only me.

Great read!

PS…how does one become a writer for your Harsh Light News?

Nice review.

Review: Fleabag on Amazon — Series 2

These are not your parents psychedelics.

No need to explain it to me. 😀

And here I thought I was the only tossing monkey poo.

What’s One More Broken Promise?

The Paralytic Disease of Gun Control

Good stuff! Helpful.

Great article. Points out the differences well. Thank you.

Great read!

As a single man, I have to say I agree completely! Well said.

Review: Unbelievable on Netflix

Medium Is Not Facebook

Polls Aren’t Just for Strippers

Livin’ in the Middle of Doubt — The Afghanistan War Turns 18

Shaking the SnowGlobe

The Wild One, Forever

Yacht Rock

Review: 13 Reasons Why

Fantastic! You’ve just described the podcast Crime Junkie!

Trump Sees Green in Greenland

I love this! This guy is the sh*t. Thank you for posting.

There is a terrific Israeli film called Trip of Compassion that details a study on how MDMA was…

It’s International Dog Day

My Shameful Behavior

It’s Been Five Years Now

Love Hurts: Millennials Feel the Bern

It’s Not Class Warfare, It’s Genocide

A Look Back: Hootie & the Blowfish — Cracked Rear View (1994)

The Dana Carvey Show

The Trade War — “Who is it good for? Absolutely no one. . . say it again”

Vintage Pearl Jam

The Unknown Known

American Gun Violence — Up & Up

Raw on Amazon

Review — The Boys on Amazon

Admit It-You’ve Done It.

The Fierce Fear of the Next Financial Crisis

The Odd Couple: the U.K. & U.S.

To Impeach or Not Impeach

Liberal/Progressive — Who’s Who

The Opioid Crisis: All Dollars, No Sense.

Facebook’s Libra — Cryptocurrency or Big Brother?

The Death Penalty — Alive & Kicking

Who Defines Failure?

Just the Tip — Tips on Modern Dating

Scrubbing Video from YouTube is a Sisyphean Task

Elizabeth Warren Has Something to Teach Us

10 Ways to Deal

The Foundation of the Fourth Estate

Black Mirror: Season Five

The Contract With a Dog

Chasing the Dragon: God, Sex and Saying Grace

Is This the Reckoning for Abortion?

Ten Misconceptions About Introverts

Myths about the Green New Deal

Fleabag Series 2 — on Amazon

Uncle Sam & Latin America — Frenemies

Sometimes It Rains

Donald Trump: The Manchurian President

Lou Reed

144 Days of Love (give or take)

Globalization & Music — The World Got Smaller, But Better?

The Last Goodbye

Workingman's Band — Soul Asylum

Intercepted Podcast Review Update

7 Things I Learned Microdosing LSD

I Am the Middle Class

Podcast Review: This Sounds Serious

Jakarta is Coming

Losers — Netflix

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill

Manic Street Preachers

Why The Replacements Matter

Finding a good therapist is no easy task.

Leaving Neverland on HBO

Review: Up and Vanished & Monster

This Business with Jeff Bezos

Podcast Review: The Session with Christian James Hand

Raw: Irish TV Series

Review: Bohemian Rhapsody