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Abandoned Albums Podcast

I Remember You — Christine

God Is A Bullet

I Remember You — Shannon, pt. 2

The Leaves.

I Remember You — Shannon, pt.1

The Ache.


The Break-Up Chronicles


A Little Strange.

An Album You Should Hear


What’s the word?

An Album You Should Hear

The Break-Up Chronicles

Counting Crows Live in NYC


If only …

The Break-Up Chronicles

Where I was on 9/11/01

New Publication — Memories of 9/11

A Podcast You Should Hear


The Break-Up Chronicles

It really is!

Monday Morning Music — #9

HEY! We know how to rock too! 😉

Thank you. I really appreciate that. Ahh, I see what you did there …well played. Well played.

Thank you!

You've pulled back the curtain!

Dogs make the world easier to deal with.

Thanks Rob! I appreciate the kind words. And I agree!

Thanks! I would love to know!

"Rain" and "Nirana" are tolerable, for sure. Thanks for reading and ropping a note!

It's funny you mention that lag.

Thanks! This song is timeless and ageless. Thanks for the note!

LOL - thanks.

Totally agreed, there are some broad truths to those labels, but they're mostly used to market and…

Thank you! Leggos? Oh yes, I have to look that up. Thank you for the recommendation.

Thanks man! Right! Such a great song.

Thank you Jessica!

The Song of a Generation?

Thank you!

Any time Bonnie! Than YOU for reading. :)

The Break-Up Chronicles

Great writing!!

I Have Sinned.

I don't know.

Dude, firstly, I am sorry.

Not sure this qualifies as advice, but I met one of my closest friends years ago when during some…


What happened? Were you lost? ;)

That seems like it was the three most likely results.

Well done sir!

How'd we as a society all but eradicate Polio?

I might argue, what do they get right?

Hey Paul - fresh take, I like it. I had never considered that perspective. Thank you!

I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I recall two things from that show.

Well, it's no secret Adam has had some battles.

Journey, I feel, gets a bad wrap.

You can see a live show from that first album tour, recorded at The Ritz ...and

It was the Midwest.

Agreed. I think the production on some of the songs is shoddy, but overall, he's just great.

Without a doubt!

Still one of my favorite albums. Just great!

Maria McKee seems to have gone off a little ( I follow her on IG) and I wonder what’s going on, but…

Thank you very much.

I NEVER get tired of the song either.

Yea, I saw the Vinyl Confessions tour as well.

Haha, thank you.

Thank you. You are correct. 1987.

The Break-Up Chronicles

I got to see them in NYC in 2010/11(?)

What would justice even look like when you rob a man of 2/3 of his life?

I couldn't agree more.

I just can't with The Doors.


I will be eager to read it!

Never got the Hendrix thing.

Happy Birthday!

Tush and Pearl Necklace are def. in the top 5. Just a great band.

Mine was "Party on the Patio"...I got that cassette (El Loco?) for christmas that year.

Great article Roz!

I totally remember The Rutles! One of the best mocumentaries out there.

Right? A lot of people think Point Break is the Swayze piece de'la's

I didn’t realize that he had passed away so long ago. Sad.

Oh, yea, there is a place for the bubblegum stuff …and I would agree it is in a pool of sick on the…

I wrote that before I read your hatred of the song. So, naturally … haha

Monday Morning Music — #7

It’s like a musical Sophies Choice.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie (and part 2).

Not necessarily the first film showing the American anti-hero that dominated 70s cinema ....but

I agree with much of this list.

He is if he likes you, apparently.

Thanks for reading and you are most welcome!

I always try to approach both the book and the film as seperate pieces of work because they're…

Thanks David.

Comedian Trevor Moore Died

Don't worry, you're not missing too much. haha

One of these days I'll make it to Jazzfest.

Thank you for reading! I can only hope none of the title planted any ear worms. ;)

An Album You Should Hear

It was not a mistake I would make twice. haha

The Break-Up Chronicles

Thank you! Those are all great selections too!!

Thank you!

Thanks so much Terry.

It's so insane!

Speaking of music videos, you must check out this Hall and Oates video for "She's Gone" - it is…

I was in Brooklyn at the time. Surprising similarities.

For sure!

Scorsese and Tarintino are masters at song usage in their films.

Did you happen to see her in Portlandia? Playing Aimee Mann, a housecleaner? Very funny.

That movie and soundtrack is forever tainted by the SCTV sketch "Chariots of Eggs"- Every time I…

Everybody's Talkin'! Nice call!

I can only speak for myself, but ignorance played a big part for me.

Not at all.

The one-two punch of that and Baby, I'm a Star = amazing

I do! Great movie!!

Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate that!

Happy to help when I can!

Monday Morning Music — #6

Let me know what you think.

While I have much respect for Husker Du, I have never quite been able to do the Du.

Hi - I'd like to be added as a writer. My medium id is @krhiggons

The wonder of a good song, nay great song, is that it transcends generations.

Did you play these over and over? Good lord man! haha

James Carr - "These Ain't Raindrops."

The Decay of the Midwest — Ronald Reagan & John Mellencamp — pt.2 of 4

Oh, you're probably correct.

Thanks so much! There’s an article in there about all these unanswered musical questions. 😀

The Online Dating Chronicles

I listened to Ned's as I did way back then, with suspicion.

Hi, I would like to join you on your journey. Thanks - Keith

Nice! Awesome piece. Thank you for the shout out.

If we are to believe their own proclamation, they built the city.

Why does Tucker Carlson ALWAYS look like he's holding in a fart?

Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph ...WHO HATES AMERICA? I hate that guy. Literally hate.

Dogs are the best. Great read!

Random Thoughts — July 27

When I wrote my recent article touching on abortion, I did have a content warning in there for a…

Ain't that the truth!

Sleeping like crap is the worst.

Monday Morning Music — #5

Oh yea! I recall camping out for that same Van Halen tour in Dayton, Ohio.

Time constraints for vinyl maybe?

Thanks for reading and the note.

Thanks. This is Part 1 of 4, Farm Aid will show up in part two.

The Online Dating Chronicles

Thank you for the nice words! 😀

I'm certain Elton John did, but in my research I never found any that were a hit.

I hate to be THAT guy, but I’m going to be.

Monday Morning Playlist — #4

Thank you!

Nontraditional — A TV Series

I hear you 100%. I do.

Another great read! And a big Happy Birthday Terry!!

Thanks Kevin! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and drop a note.

Thank you. You are much too kind. And yea, BDP is something else. Boy.

Thanks for reading them!

Thank you. This only scratches the surface on this one. Easily a dating low point for me. LOL

The Online Dating Chronicles

Thank you for reading and taking the time to drop a note!

There are a few Taylor Swift tunes, I suppose.

Calling bullshit on whoever said that.

I'd love to know the films you show.

It is incredible to think of the musicians that had cycled through Davis' band.

Remember the days when parents used to make you wear your church clothes for air travel?

I can only HOPE this was NOT a man of color.

As we were talking on Sunday about influences, etc.

Call Me. Or Text. Text is better.

Monday Morning Playlist — #3

These are fascinating records to me.


All I Can Say …

Always had much respect for Carlos.

Thanks so much Terry! I’ll be there for sure.

I probably have, but I don’t pay too much attention.

Great read here!

The Online Dating Chronicles

Check out "Dakota" - great song.

Indeed they do! Fire them up with a little cat nip and watch them go!

Great minds think alike Rob! "Three Days" is just a beast of a song. Holds up really well. Cheers!

And that is as it should be! Dogs are just great.

Thanks! It sounds sad. Is it?

I love the low riding zoomies. I could watch that all day. :)

Ciao Bella!

Monday Morning Playlist — #2

Tay Tay is certainly one of the more interesting (and talented) artists of her generation. Cheers!

You'll never get an argument from me.

Thanks Paul. I like to incorporate the word bukkake whenever possible.

I am the furthest thing from great Noah, so imma chalk that up to cheeky snark. Cheers!

NOW HEAR THIS: Taylor Swift: reputation

Name it. Why not?

Hey man, good on you!

I’m with you 100%.

Questionable label here.

I could not agree more.

...and for a smaller contingency across the pond.

The Reason(s) Why


Great list!

Four Crosses

Great read! After 14 years, I left but still carry a lot of those sentiments with me. 😀

Otis the drunk from AG is Newman. Ha! Great read!

I recall walkig around a GAP store on the Upper East Side in 2005/06 when I heard "Dakota" and I…

Great read Paul!

Godspeed friend.

Thanks for checking it out Paul!

Kudos for the conclusion.

Arguably, travel or even fernweh is a state of mind.

Thanks Kevin!

Monday Morning Playlist — #1

Just a great read! Thank you for this!

The whole episode around Doc McGee REALLY nailed it for me.

Just an amazing album. Simply amazing.

Oh, they mention the movie too. The only tolerable Scorpions song for me is The Zoo. I’m old. Haha

You joke, but the rhythm is gonna get you.

Good God!

NOW HEAR THIS: Wind of Change

...or just plain awful.

I couldn't agree more.

Thanks so much!

You bet your a** I remember that MTV contest. I didn't win it though. :(

Thank you Terry.

Thanks so much!

Thanks Rob. I appreciate that!

The Decay of the Midwest — Ronald Reagan & John Mellencamp — pt.1 of 4

Soup is a tough one for me.

Arguably, your taste is many things far exceeds ours down here. I tip my hat to Canada often.

One of the most CRIMINALLY underrated bands of our generation.

Regatta remains my favorite Police album.

Ahhhh, memories!

Hey man, would you please add me? Thanks.

Hey Paul, I corresponded with this guy a couple of years ago after I first wrote about it.

NOW HEAR THIS: The Session with Christian James Hand

Three attempts and ten years, but I finished it. Interesting is where I land on that book.

Rothko is one of my favorite artists. Thanks for this!



The Online Dating Chronicles

Dare we say "Left of the Dial"?

Big ups on this inclusion!!

This is great!

Me too! I mean he was the best thing about that movie.

Your feelings on Britpop are probably similar to mine on grunge.

Great minds think alike!

I’m not really a fan of cancel culture.

Paul! The Eagles!!

For Emma. In the A.M.

I will concede that it's the production value on Metallica's that puts it over the top for me.

I'll cop to only seeing the movie once and being way more impressed with the soundtrack.

Thank you! She's great. Thank you.

Thank you sir!

It’s All a Cover-Up

Terry, man, you gotta stop writing about books!

I don't know what to think of all of this.

Nice mix. Super eclectic!!

Hell yes!!

They were gonna go with Farfalla, but didn't have the same panache'.

I suspect that'd be the great Ennio Morricone.

Another Rob once said: "Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable?

HAHA, true enough.

Let’s talk about sex.

I hear that!

Great piece Rob!

Thank you! Yea, I just feel Duritz is overlooked as a songwriter.

Beautiful. Just beautifully put Terry.

For sure! He's amazing!

For me that debut album is just great. And that line from "Mr. Jones" is really great for sure.

Thanks so much!

Counting Crows — Butter Miracle Suite One

You’re welcome!

Kenny Aronoff’s got the beat.

And the folks in Mac were GACKED out of their heads until the mid-90s (at least).

Growing up in Dayton, Ohio my record store of choice was Dingleberry’s.

Or, simply not engage. I believe it was the great Neil Peart who once said:



Great piece.

Pearl Jam just knocked me dead when I first heard it.

My First Concert — the Truth

Not at all. "Levon" is a great song and Madman is such an overlooked record.

I’d love to hear what you think of the book!

Did you cover Trouble Boys: The Story of The Replacements?

I saw The Hip at a 1/4 filled Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT.

Thank you for this!


I am indeed a fan. Agreed that it happens or not. It’s bonkers what makes it and what doesn’t.

I detest Adam Sandler.

If you find it, send it along. I'll give it a go.

Another favorite comedian is fellow outlaw Bill Hicks who had a similar joke about the first Iraq…

Well that certainly is a visceral reaction to Courtney Love.

Thank you!

That’s amazing! My mom took me to see John Denver as my first concert.

I remember that line too. So brilliant!

Five Albums That Blew My Mind

I'm in! Is there a deadline?

Sadly, he's now making another name for himself as a sexual miscreant.

Garth Brooks version of "To Feel Your Love" absolutely guts me.

I worked in restaurants for years (as you've read) and I refer to this as restaurant Spanish.

Hey Terry - just ordered your book, eager to dive in!

On Courtney Love and Making New Friends

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

I kept seeing Mark Kozelek pop up in tv shows, etc and KNEW I had seen him before.

That's for sure!

I've often wondered if this song was popular because it was good or because it just got play…

Some serious shoe-gazing music here. Thanks for this! Great read!

Thank you!

The Online Dating Chronicles


You know you’re a New Yorker when you get your first anti-anxiety prescription.

Thank you for the shout out sir!

About Me — Keith R. Higgons

Dogs. They’re just the best (don’t let my cat know). Thank you for this!

Wow! So beautifully said!

I think one of the bummers is the music communities lack of response to all of this.

"toe-tagged" means dead.

Pistols at dawn on this one! haha No shame in the average game...that's what I tell myself anyway.

Fantastic imagery! I can almost hear her, and I don't even know her.

Idiot Wind

Thanks Terry!

The Pied Piper of the Broken Hearted

I know daisy Taylor and the Six is poppy af, but it's a fun and easy read that captures a moment.

Black Gold: Soul Asylum Rocks On

"Freedom" by George Michael.

Thanks for the prompt!

So true! One of my favorite live acts.

Nothing. As Paul Combs said, the struggle is real. haha

I refer to Petty as "the pied piper of the broken-hearted"

The Online Dating Chronicles


You're welcome. These guys are just great.

An Album You Should Hear

Check out Rookie. I just wrote about them. Great rock band out of Chicago.

Thanks for this!

The very same Nicolette Larson …and THAT song, “Lotta Love” was written by Neil Young.

Cool! Next one is Sunday June 6 at 7p. ET.

Yea for sure! I will check them out.

My reading list has increased exponentially, thank you!!

Album of the Month Recap

Join us for the next one on June 6!

Sweet Jane off Rock ‘n Roll Animal IS a masterpiece, for sure.

Someday, someone, somewhere will explain the appeal of this band.

The Online Dating Chronicles

Great read! Is this guy also responsible for The Weeknd? Ha.

Album of the Month, Part 2

Hey Terry, I see Zoom hosts 100 users but has a limit of 40 or 45 minutes.

Hmm. I can't find it, but I seem to recall something about Terry's Zoom.

Ah, very cool. I was just there last year. Lovely country! And people!

"You can host limited 40-minutes meetings with up to 100 participants."

Hi Rueben, you're in the UK?

Thanks Terry! I will check this out today!

I think I'll lean more towards ZOOM. Hoping you can join!

Dolly Parton — I Will Always Love You

I have noticed that too.

Album of the Month Club

This. Is. Amazing. Thank you for writing!

Canadians sense of humor, even in Nickelback, is spot on.


An Album You Should Hear

Thanks for the shout-out!

Whoa! I had no idea. Bat Out of Hell is pure is Total Eclipse of the Heart. RIP

Such a great album, in particular that first half. Well said!

Interestingly (or not) Peter Tork was a big part of the Laurel Canyon sound that emerged in the…

Insert Peter Griffin voice: "Roadhouse!"

What's the saying "A dog may not be everything in your world, but you are everything in theirs."

Paul Simon is a D*ck


Just reading the words, I could hear the melody. Well done!

Pleased To Meet Me

Technically, more of a tribute to Joe than a "cover," this version of "London Calling" at the 2003…

Who’s Next?

Thank you. A long one, I know, so thank you for investing the time.

One of My Favorite Live Shows

AMAZING show. Hands down. Enjoy the ride!


Ode to Billie Joe by Tara Murtha.

So well said. Thanks for this!

Same here.

Interesting comment about disco.

The thing I remember about Vegas, the ONLY thing, was that his garage was in his house.

Generation X

An egregiously underrated band. That first album is incredible.

City of Lights — pt. 2

City of Lights — pt. 1


Thank you!

Super Shi##y Songs

What and where is that doc? I eat that stuff up!

Re: Sad Bastard Music

There is actually a documentary about a woman who died this very way- God Knows Where I Am (it…

I completely spaced on “Black.”

You should write that.

ZZ Top is a egregiously underrated band.

Thank you!

Life’s Imperfections.

Sad Bastard Music

Thank you!


That was the most silly award show.

Thank you!

Thanks Rob! They remain my favorite band ...still.

One Foot in the Door …still.

Dinner Can Wait.


I'm surprised you trimmed it down to just one reason. haha

Great read!

Thank you for the kind words!

Missing You.

It was a hate crime. Period.

Hi - Thanks for the note!

Thanks so much! I appreciate the note, but we'll have to disagree on these then. :) Thanks again!

My Vasectomy, pt.2

That First Kiss.

Song of the Day — March 18

My Vasectomy, pt.1



Second Chance.


Thank You.

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Acquiesce (part 2)

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Docu-Series of the Day — February 15

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TV Spectacle of the Week

Right? Amazing.

Album of the Day — February 9

True enough!

Top Ten Ways to Make Money & Have Sex Using Medium

Album of the Day — February 8

Red River.


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Ice Cream & Order.

It Ain’t Over Yet.

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Dear John,

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“Honey, I’m home!”

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Impeachment 2 — The Unwanted

So, tell me about yourself …

Song of the Day — January 14

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An Open Letter to the News Media


Album of the Day — January 12

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The sound design at the climax of this movie has stayed with me all these years.

What Makes a Pussy Purr?

Album of the Day — January 7

Wait. What’s that now?

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